Composer & Performer
         Joshua Villa is a Virginia Beach native composer, instrumental musician, and vocalist studying Music Composition at James Madison University. While studying at JMU he's shown himself to be a versatile musician in many different ensembles such as the wind symphony, jazz ensemble, and pit orchestras for both operas and musicals. His passion lies with making music for the stage, and telling a meaningful story in every note and word he writes. Joshua strives to make meaning in his music, creating a voice for the voiceless. Speaking the universal language of music as an audible embodiment of the heart.

"Josh is a factory of creativity. It spills out of him and spreads to others around him like a river. In addition to creating a myriad of artistic and entertaining material, Josh is also incredibly genuine to those around him. His authenticity is reflected in his creations and is present in his everyday interaction"


- Dave Simons

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