Catie Moore

     If our team had one word to describe Miss Catie Moore, it would be "classic," but that's not to say she's boring. A classically trained mezzo, Moore brings classical technique and gorgeously developed sound mixed with modern songwriting to create a truly unique and exquisite sound.

     Catie's strongest attribute is her heart. Always showing love to her friends and complete strangers, Moore makes sure that her music means something. Words are her tools and the music is her bench. With her craft she creates atmosphere of elegance and artistry to her audiences.

Dave Simons

Catie's producer and manager, Dave Simons is also one of her closest friends. On his second album, "Chapter One of The Rest of My Life," Simons included Catie on two tracks including one of her songs, "Whiskey in a Teacup." Dave makes sure that everything he does in music is for someone else. His first question when planning a release usually includes "how can I use this music to help somebody in need?" To learn more about Dave Simons, visit his website at davesimons.net

Jorden McLean

If you need a fantastic photographer/friend or in Catie & Dave's case, both, then Jorden is who you'd want to get in touch with. A spectacular artist, Jorden photographs students from all over JMU and the community surrounding the University. Kindness is one of Jorden's favorite hobbies and his favorite expression is "have a nice day." Here's a clipping from his website:


Even though I like capturing all beautiful things I see, I love shooting portraits the most. The satisfying click of the shutter, seeing someone's eyes light up when they see how beautiful their photo is; that, to me, is priceless. That's how I know I'm making a difference in my little corner of the world. I want you to experience that with me.

Make sure that you check out his gallery here!

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